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Mission Daily

May 23, 2019

Cities across the world are attempting to replicate the environment that has allowed Silicon Valley to flourish as a hub for business, technology, and innovation. But, according to Sean Sheppard, they all miss the mark on some of the most important cultural and environmental factors.

Sean is a founding partner of

May 22, 2019

Glen Allison is the Chief Operating Officer at Honey, a browser extension and web application that automatically finds and applies coupon codes to your online purchases. Glen, and the team at Honey, base their entire business model on one guiding principle; making sure the consumer gets the most valuable deal without...

May 22, 2019

Did you know the mural of the Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel was rushed to completion because the Pope threatened to throw Michelangelo off a scaffold if he didn’t finish quickly enough? The point here is that some of the best work can be done under a tight deadline.

In this episode, Chad and Stephanie talk...

May 20, 2019

Alec Baldwin is an actor who has won numerous awards for his roles in TV and film. In his over 20-year career, Alec has portrayed a number of diverse roles- from Jack Donaghy in the Emmy-award winning show 30 Rock to Blake in the award-winning 90’s film, Glengarry Glen Ross.

Recently, Alec partnered with the team at...

May 17, 2019

Reid Mitenbuler has spent the last several years researching how whiskey has influenced American history (and vice versa). The result of this research is his new book, Bourbon Empire: The Past and Future of America's Whiskey. In it, Reid takes a deep-dive into the history of American distilleries, from the...